Music from Africa

not just afropop and afrobeat - I try to explore the less-covered aspects of african traditional/pop music. heavy on african banjos and accordions here, we also cover congolese rumba… of course!

Map: Blue dots mean there are multiple stories so please hover over. red dots just click on them!

Khartoum Social Club

A night with the “Buena Vista Social Club” of Khartoum

Ramadan Rush for Taarab

Chasing the moon in Zanzibar to find the Swahili island’s most famous music

AIDS Protest Songs

At the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa

HIV community group gospel in Malawi

Multi-party harmony singing from a HIV group in Southern Malawi

The Singing Fisherman

Out on Lake Kivu between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

Street Musicians of Essaouira

This walled windy city has it all: Gnaoua, Jimi Henrix, and roaming bands of banjo-playing Berber street musicians

Chechamba -

A tribute to Malawian national treasure and multi-instrumentalist Chechamba