Feature Stories

Deeper insights into a musical style, musician, band - take the deep dive!

Malawi Old Time Music

A portrait of Malawian musical treasure Chechamba - a mult-instrumentalist and composer from the town of Blantyre.

Taraab in Zanzibar

Rushing against the moon to catch music in Zanzibar before the onset of Ramadan.

Cowboy fiddlers of Latin America

Migration to the major cities of Argentina and Brazil has brought some fantastic folk music - and fiddling - to the big city

Trallaleri Singers of Genoa

I first heard the other-wordly “Trallaleri”polyphonic singers on Alan Lomax’s famous recordings of Italian folk music in the 1970s.

AIDS Protest Songs

In Durban, South Africa for the International AIDS Conference, a taste of the amazing protest songs of South African health care workers.

Caribbean Square Dancing in Paris

A night spent dancing squares in the Northern suburbs of Paris with local band Caribop.

A Tale of Two Dervishes

Two of the coolest places you can visit in the cities of Khartoum, Sudan and Delhi, India, happen to be significant Sufi shrines. There is remarkable singing to be found at both.